Sunday, 10 July 2011


Hye aLLs...
Now, CikMisi wanna join 1 GA that i think very interesting... w000w!
wuuuu..the owner of this GA is DOCTOR??? w00ow.... how she spend her times t0 do all this thing...?
oh...forget bout we talk about the GA oke...
yeeaaah...i have follow ur blog..
my ID Follower is Cik Misi =)

I have put bout ur GA on my sidebar...check it yeah!

huuurm.... wanna tag : StrawberrycincauEyqasara, Cik Ira, Aniswany

THE Winner's prize

Chanel Precision Lotion Confort Toner (full sized 200ml sealed bottle with box)
Chanel Travel Makeup palette (Full sized, new and boxed, complete with Chanel mirror compact, makeup tools/brushes and velvet black Chanel pouch)
Chanel No.5 Soap bar (full-sized & sealed)
Chanel Vitalumiere Ecalt Confort Radiance Compact Makeup B20 beige SPF 10 (mini powder compact with sponge)
Chanel Precision Purette Matifying Fluid (mini pot, 4ml)
Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift, firming Day cream (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift, firming Night cream (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel Precision Ultra Sculpting Firming Concentrate (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel white hard box (from the No5 Chanel Paris, this box smells strongly of the iconic Chanel No.5)
Chanel white paper bag

CLOSING DATE : 12th  JULY 2011

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